Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Beginnings of I'm Not Sure What

I've created blogs before, mostly to give updates on my fiction writing and online publications (as if I were in any way well known to the world for my work). I met a good friend several months ago who writes a blog as a kind of journal. I read it and was impressed by how thorough she was about her life and interests, as well as how fun it was to read (largely because it had lots of pictures and some with me in them!).

I thought I might give it a try. If not to use so much as a journal, then to share my ideas, updates regarding my writing career, and creative interests with the rest of the world, or all who stumble upon my blog.

(*Update: 11-28-2012 You can find my personal/journalistic blog at

To get a taste of some of the things you might see on here, I'll make a list:

  • My writing excerpts (fiction or non-fiction) and news about my writing career (if you can call it that)
  • Poetry
  • Sample photos from my best efforts at photography
  • Music and art I've created or written
  • Philosophical inquiry
  • Religion 
  • Rants and Political Angst

We'll see where this goes and whether I forget about it after the first post! Wouldn't be the first blog I've completely neglected!

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